WILDNORTHE 'Murmur' Cassette Tape Cover
Regulator Records


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The Lisbon duo WILDNORTHE, composed by Sara Inglês on synths, vocals and percussion and Pedro Ferreira on vocals, guitar and synthesizers, has been creating musical landscapes full of ethereal atmospheres, melodious voices and machine beats since its inception in 2015. This year also marks the release of their first EP 'Awe' on Raging Planet and Regulator Records, an exploration of atmospheric, neo-psychedelic sounds in a 6-track format, where the most obscure synthesizers combined in harmony with the powerful guitars, the album proved to be a good surprise in 2015 but the revelation was saved for 2019, the year in which they release their first full-length 'Murmur'. Four years served for a highly refined maturation process that resulted in the production of an album that shows that darkwave is not dead in Portugal. 'Murmur' not only brought an exquisite sound and ready to listen in repeat but also a new member to the band's live lineup, with one of the greatest drummers in the Portuguese panorama, João Vairinhos (The Youths, Löbo, Ricardo Remédio) bringing a “analog” atmosphere to the largely electronic sound created by Sara Inglês and Pedro Ferreira. The obscure ambiances are present as they were before, but there is a stronger bet on the listener's immersion and on the appropriation of highly hypnotic rhythms.