WELLS VALLEY 'Reconcile The Antinomy' LP Cover
WELLS VALLEY 'Reconcile The Antinomy' 12" LP Black vinyl
Raging Planet

WELLS VALLEY 'Reconcile The Antinomy'

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WELLS VALLEY is a Blackened Doom Metal trio from Lisbon, Portugal, formed in October 2011. The band’s distinctive sound draws influences from many different spectrums, forging the dense monolithic heaviness of Doom with the sonic rawness of Black Metal and the omnipresent-ghostly-ambiences from Noise Rock. The lyrical concepts are inspired in both occult and theological subjects. Their discography consists of one full-length studio album 'Matter As Regent' (2015) and a 3 track EP 'The Orphic' (2017). Over the years the band counts several shows and shared stages with bands such as Jucifer, Weedeater The Secret, Bolzer, Mantar, etc. The new record 'Reconcile The Antinomy' is set to be released in November 2019 on Swedish label Black Lion Records, and Portuguese labels Chaosphere Recordings and Raging Planet. The group features guitarist and vocalist Filipe Correia from the experimental death-metal band Concealment, the drummer and producer Pedro Mau from the progressive-metal/hardcore band Kneel, and bassist Pedro Lopes.