WE ARE THE DAMNED 'Doomvirate' LP Cover
WE ARE THE DAMNED 'Doomvirate' 12" LP Black vinyl
Raging Planet

WE ARE THE DAMNED 'Doomvirate'

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Formed in 2007, WE ARE THE DAMNED are all about brutal and honest extreme music played with an authentic DIY philosophy. With their third album 'Doomvirate' the band continues to deliver hard-hitting attacks and vivid eruptions. The underlying concept is based upon questions and thoughts regarding human and social rights as well as political corruption. WE ARE THE DAMNED are angry and don't hold back! Having released two EPs and two albums already, WE ARE THE DAMNED aren't rookies to the European extreme scene. Following the path of their debut 'Resurrection Plague' (2010) and 2011 release 'Holy Beast' the band brings together abrasive hardcore, punky crustcore, violent death rock, and massive metal.