VENOM PRISON 'Erebos' LP Cover
VENOM PRISON 'Erebos' 12" LP Black vinyl
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Led by the unique lyrical and vocal talents of Larissa Stupar, VENOM PRISON’s rise to prominence has been swift and exhilarating. Both 2016 debut album 'Animus' and its 2019 follow-up 'Samsara' received widespread praise from media and fans alike, while the band’s ferocious live shows notched up acres of wide-eyed acclaim. As a result, the release of VENOM PRISON’s third full-length, 'Erebos', is destined to be one of /the/ metal events of 2022. A wildly inventive but utterly destructive onslaught of genre-defying extremity, 'Erebos' is a giant leap forward and deafening confirmation that VENOM PRISON are the real, ground-breaking deal. A thrilling explosion of artful savagery, warped melodies and tumultuous atmospherics, 'Erebos' is a powerful, defining statement from one of the most exciting bands of the modern era. From humble origins to undisputed heavyweight status, VENOM PRISON are now an unstoppable force.