UPPER WILDS 'Venus' LP Cover
UPPER WILDS 'Venus' 12" LP Green Translucent vinyl
Thrill Jockey


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Multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Dan Friel is unrivaled in his capacity to inject blistering noise and energy into ferocious pop songs. A champion and mainstay of the NYC underground, Friel has played alongside the likes of Lightning Bolt and Black Dice as well as collaborated with acclaimed string quartet Ethel. UPPER WILDS channels Friel’s unbreakably ebullient spirit into mountainous rock music dripping with molten fuzz. The trio’s exploration of the interstellar expands in parallel to their increasing levels of bombast and precision. 'Venus' synthesizes the experimentation of debut Guitar Module 2017 and the thunder of 2018’s Mars into ten lean chunks of cosmic rock laden with scorching hooks.