TY SEGALL 'Fried Shallots' EP Cover
TY SEGALL 'Fried Shallots' 12" EP Black vinyl
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TY SEGALL 'Fried Shallots'

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In order to survive this long hot season of discontent, you gotta have something new to turn up and tune into! It’s vital to chew down on stuff that’s not just all negativity, you know? If you wanna stay positive, throw TY SEGALL’s 'Fried Shallots' into your brain pan and ame on for a quick snack. 'Fried Shallots' is a handful of numbers from different times and places over the past few years that all work together in a weird way. That’s something that we should all be striving for: all working together in a weird way. For TY, that requires rock with the gears shifting and stripping, tempos and tropes mashing up; a primal outburst, a quick-and-fuzzy soundtrack of rock, folk, r’n’b and pure power pop, to give us a chance to chill and do the new century twist for just a minute. That’s good, for in twist we trust! Fried Shallots isn’t simply just good fun. The pro ts from this release will be donated to the , whose defense of our rights is badly needed now — especially in the face of the govern- ment pigs who don’t care about the constitution and are determined to thin our herd so that they and their corporate sugar- daddys can grow ever fatter off the deprivations of the common man-clan! Don’t you let ‘em do it! Organizations like the help secure freedoms that allow individuals to stay individual in the face of the choking tides of oppression. TY SEGALL’s 'Fried Shallots' is here to help us surf those tides and not be swept under.