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True Widow 'AVVOLGERE' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
True Widow 'AVVOLGERE' 2x12" LP Orange Krush & Black Custom Galaxy vinyl
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True Widow 'AVVOLGERE'

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'AVVOLGERE', the forthcoming LP from Texas trio True Widow, perfects the formula that 2013's 'Circumambulation' established. The album rocks and rolls with serene, rounded climaxes and steep, jangling choruses that engulf the listener with waves of downbeat, saccharine melodies and mesmerizing distortion.

True Widow's signature alternation between male and female vocals helps further blur the boundaries between the heft of stoner rock, the droning atmosphere of shoegaze, and the twangy catchiness of blues and indie rock. It's both concise and circuitous - the album takes you on a journey that you can't ever quite predict or expect. 'AVVOLGERE' is True Widow sounding more infectious and consummate than ever before.