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SWITCHBLADE 'Switchblade [2016]' 12" LP Black vinyl
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SWITCHBLADE 'Switchblade [2016]'

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'Switchblade [2016]' is the follow-up to SWITCHBLADE's Swedish Grammy Award nominated and critically acclaimed 'Switchblade [2012]' album. On 'Switchblade [2016]', the 7th album, the band has once again taken one step forward and two steps back with a slightly different approach to their minimalistic doom by turning up the tempo, adding more melodies and a lot more textures. In its nineteenth year of existence, Swedish band SWITCHBLADE is ready to unleash its brand new album 'Switchblade [2016]'. Core duo Tim Bertilsson (drums) and Johan Folkesson (guitars) once again teamed up with sound wizard Karl Daniel Lidén to create yet another 40-minute slab of their unique proggy doom. The album sees the return of both Johansson and Wiberg, with an even more remarkable result — those who appreciated 'Switchblade [2012]' will love 'Switchblade [2016]'. The new album is by no means just a repetition of a previously successful recipe. With its classic yet new take on the band’s trademark sound, 'Switchblade [2016]' will appeal also to those who enjoyed the band’s earlier work, as well as a brand new audience.