SUICIDAL TENDENCIES 'Lights... Camera... Revolution' LP Cover
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES 'Lights... Camera... Revolution' 12" LP Black vinyl
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Suicidal Tendencies 'Lights... Camera... Revolution'

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Music On Vinyl are thrilled to unleash the fourth studio album from Venice Beach, L.A. heavyweights Suicidal Tendencies. Album opener and the unmistakable anthem "You Can't Bring Me Down" - S.T.'s rally against vicious rumours and their notorious ban from playing public places in L.A. - sets the tone for the record, with 'Cyco' Mike Muir's lyrics of social commentary handled with intelligence, humour and a punk rock middle-finger. 

'Lights... Camera... Revolution' boasts the line-up now deemed classic. Suicidal Tendencies's flirtation with the mainstream (complete with obligatory criticism of 'selling-out') went Gold in the US with over half a million copies sold, and to this day remains an essential record in any Metal or Punk collection.