SPELLLING 'SPELLLING & The Mystery School' LP Cover
SPELLLING 'SPELLLING & The Mystery School' 12" LP Purple vinyl
Sacred Bones Records

SPELLLING 'SPELLLING & The Mystery School'

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SPELLLING, the moniker of the Bay Area experimental pop mastermind Chrystia Cabral returns with 'SPELLLING & The Mystery School', a collection of richly envisioned new versions of songs from throughout her critically-acclaimed discography via Sacred Bones. Recorded with her touring band (est. 2021), these reimagined studio tracks follow Cabral’s spellbinding career — from her 2017 breakthrough debut 'Pantheon Of Me', to 2018’s multidimensional synth-based project 'Mazy Fly', and her expansive third album, 2021’s 'The Turning Wheel', breathing new life into the extravagant orchestrations she’s written and produced entirely herself.