SLOWDIVE '5 EP (In Mind Remixes)' EP Cover
SLOWDIVE '5 EP (In Mind Remixes)' 12" EP Blue Translucent & Red Swirled vinyl
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SLOWDIVE '5 EP (In Mind Remixes)'

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The shoegazing giants SLOWDIVE had their track "In Mind" remixed by Bandulu and Reload. Bandulu take the minor chords and stretch them into a dub-inflected whirlwind. The standout is the Reload mix by Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard (aka Global Communication). The result is a shimmering, blissful track with downtempo rhythm and futuristic soul. The ambient, experimental techno remixes are cut on 45 rpm, but there are several DJs who preferred to play this at 33 1/3 rpm. This is a limited edition of 4000 individually numbered copies, pressed on translucent blue & red swirled vinyl.