RUSSIAN CIRCLES 'Station' 12" LP Black vinyl
RUSSIAN CIRCLES 'Station' 12" LP Blue Transparent vinyl
Sargent House


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Originally released in 2008, RUSSIAN CIRCLES’ 'Station' marked the second album in an eight LP journey that’s tracked the band’s rise to the upper echelon of heavy music. Fifteen years later, the beloved album is set to be re-issued on vinyl via Sargent House. Lumbering layers of chiseled post-rock and feathery psychedelic infusions continue to rev and entice listeners new and old. 'Station' weaves intense and cinematic compositions that form into audible head trips that defy pigeonholing. Inertia builds to impossible levels before imploding into earth-shattering riffs. It’s push-and-pull on a seismic scale, where schisms feel rapturous. In addition, 'Station' was the first RUSSIAN CIRCLES album to feature now long-time member Brian Cook on bass.