RAMMSTEIN 'Rosenrot' LP Cover
RAMMSTEIN 'Rosenrot' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
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RAMMSTEIN 'Rosenrot'

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RAMMSTEIN helped to found a subgenre within German hard rock and metal that became known as Neue Deutsche Härte, which describes a crossover style that is influenced by New German Wave, alternative metal and groove metal combining it with elements from electronica and techno. The album includes six songs artistically omitted from 2004's release, 'Reise, Reise'. The album's first title was Reise, Reise Volume Two, but on August 18, 2005 the album was announced as 'Rosenrot'. The cover art is a slightly altered photograph of the icebreaker USS Atka, taken on March 13, 1960, at McMurdo Station, Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica.