PRODIGY, THE 'Experience' LP Cover
PRODIGY, THE 'Experience' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
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PRODIGY, THE 'Experience'

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To THE PRODIGY fans, most of the album came as no shock, featuring as it did versions of all of their top 5 singles to date, alongside other live faves from the band's already incendiary shows. The singles appear in brilliantly reworked versions. "Charly" has all but the slightest hint of the cartoon cat eliminated, in its place sits an adrenalized hard and dark, cut-up breaks version subtitled "Charly (Trip Into Drum And Bass Version)". Elsewhere, "Everybody In The Place" takes on a fresher, more vital air about it, while "G-Force" is all but transformed into a full-on hyperspeed anthem going under the name "Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2)". "Out Of Space" (the single that followed the album) presents a roughneck skanking groove with a lift from Max Romeo's classic "Chase The Devil".