PHOEBE BRIDGERS 'Stranger In The Alps' LP Cover
PHOEBE BRIDGERS 'Stranger In The Alps' 12" LP Black vinyl
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PHOEBE BRIDGERS 'Stranger In The Alps'

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PHOEBE BRIDGERS releases her debut album 'Stranger In The Alps'. Produced by Tony Berg and Ethan Gruska, the ten haunting and introspective songs on 'Stranger In The Alps' further introduces the 22-year-old BRIDGERS as a singular voice. There is a delicate balance to her work, a dance between veiled narratives and earnest emotions, between whispers and shouts. Throughout the album, BRIDGERS contemplates and reflects on personal experiences through her unique lyric writing perspective: there are overt references to lost idols, canonical pop songs and actual incidents, but her stories unfold through specific, evocative imagery sung in her subtle, confessional style. And according to BRIDGERS, everything you hear has arrived by feeling; her music is what comes when she is at her most honest, without specific intention, and she aims to be in her songs the person she is in the world. 'Stranger In The Alps' follows BRIDGERS’ 2015 three-song single 'Killer', produced by Ryan Adams in his L.A. studio and released on Adams’ Pax-Am label. Since early 2016, she’s toured with Julien Baker, Conor Oberst (who also guests on 'Stranger In The Alps' track "Would You Rather"), and Adams, among others.