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PBK 'Thinking of Eternity' 12" LP Black vinyl
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PBK 'Thinking of Eternity'

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American composer, Phillip B. Klingler, better known as PBK, has been active in the experimental music underground since the 80s. His work first became known through the homemade independent cassette culture scene of the 1980s, though later releases have also been in compact disc and LP format. His work has correlations to electroacoustic, classic industrial and free jazz genres. His compositions are created using extreme turntable manipulation, sampling, analog and digital synthesis. Improvising spontaneously and with little preconception, PBK creates pulsing, dense soundscapes of unknown sonic origin. Four untitled tracks were recorded in 1998 in dedication to Moebius & Roedelius, aka Cluster. Some perceptions have it that PBK disappeared or his activities slowed down during the '90s but that's a misconception, he was actually very busy during this time. The story stops there for nearly twenty years. As these things happen, a musician shelves a project for various reasons, maybe it seems unfinished, or they are distracted by other projects they are working on. In this case, his collaboration with Russian composer, Artemiev ("Dreams In Moving Space"), took precedence and attention, so PBK stored the master tape with thoughts of returning to the material at a later time.