OSEES 'Protean Threat' LP Cover
OSEES 'Protean Threat' 12" LP Black vinyl
Castle Face

OSEES 'Protean Threat'

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Yep that's right, Johnny Dwyer and his crew have returned, losing an 'H' on the way but dropping yet another impossibly amazing slice of intergalactic psychedelic fun for all. It's easy to think it's yet another album from this crew but believe us when we tell you - this one's a fucking belter! You've probably heard the hooky as hell "Dreary Nonsense" by now in all it's one-minute thirty-five-second glory but this lil' puppy's got a whole load more to give. Thirteen magic moments here - from the noisy as hell "Scramble Suit II" to the rock hell of "Red Study" via the krautrock rumbling "Wing Run" to the slinky, sexy disco of "Said The Shovel" this could easily be their most forward-thinking / make every other band give up album yet. Thirty-nine minutes is all you need. We love these boys. They rule. And so Castle Face offers this field recording, the OSEES 'Protean Threat', from the pits as a quick booster between protein pills and recycled sweat beverage anthems to assist the listener to not worship at the altar of violence and greed, to not offer oneself up for free, to stand up and be vigilant! Truth will not be found in the speeches and photo ops of the overlords— stand strong and together under the gaze of the oppressors. Stand vigilant, united with those who don’t have the same privileges. Demand respect and a peaceful life for all. This recording is at the apogee of scuzz—punk anthem amulets for the ears and heart, a battery for one’s core. Be strong. Be human. Be love.