MURRO 'Misantropo' LP Cover
MURRO 'Misantropo' 12" LP Black vinyl
Raging Planet

MURRO 'Misantropo'

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MURRO's second album, 'Misantropo', released via Raging Planet. Formed in 2012, in the city of Setúbal, by the hands of Macaco Rápido and Hugo Cão, MURRO took their first steps as a duo, later integrating other musicians into the formation. Nowadays, they perform in a quartet format, with Hugo Cão on voice, Macaco Rápido on guitar, Valter Costa on bass and Tiago Cê on drums. The sound path that they follow wanders, according to them, between hardcore punk, d-beat, noise and shoegaze, not presenting itself, however, “with a defined form”. Furthermore, they unabashedly assume their demanding character, projecting, according to a press release, “anti-imperialist, anti-fascist, anti-exploitation of the working class, anti-egocentrism and anti-many other problems facing the face of human nature“.