MASSIVE ATTACK 'Mezzanine' LP Cover
MASSIVE ATTACK 'Mezzanine' 2x12" LP Black vinyl


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Bristol's original trip-hop pioneers' MASSIVE ATTACK had, on previous albums 'Blue Lines' and 'Protection', fused turntable wizardry to the warmest of soul. With 'Mezzanine', however, the party had ended; revisiting the murky soundscapes so favored by former partner and fellow Bristolian Tricky, the comeback single "Rising Son" muttering edgily about "cheap beer filled with crocodile tears", over the deepest bass. The inter-band friction created some gems; "Inertia Creeps" is drenched in menace, and "Teardrop" features the ethereal vocals of Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins - both of these a benchmark not just for the band, but for the trip-hop genre. Bleak, but powerfully beautiful.