LORAINE JAMES 'For You And I' LP Cover
LORAINE JAMES 'For You And I' 12" LP Black vinyl


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Raised in the multicultural and mind-broadening London borough of Enfield, LORAINE JAMES grew up hearing everything from steel pan music to Metallica, from jazz and electronica to drill and grime, and the results of this exposure can be heard on 'For You And I'. In part the album explores the complexities of being in a queer relationship in London - “I’m in love and wanted to share that in some way … to make songs that reflect layers of my relationship.” – and as a whole 'For You and I' is rhythmically free-flowing and sprawling, with melodies that evolve into rippling keys, feeling like a live jam session with a jazz mentality, contrasting the delicate and abrasive. 'For You And I' is a deeply intimate and personal offering, expressing happiness, anxiety, joy, sensuality and fear through a vivid sound palette and an experimental sense of rhythm.