LEVIATHAN 'Scar Sighted' LP Cover
LEVIATHAN 'Scar Sighted' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
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LEVIATHAN 'Scar Sighted'

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Another long-awaited return and rejuvenation of the most notorious and infamous U.S. black metal entity, LEVIATHAN (solely commanded by Wrest, aka Jef Whitehead) has returned with what could possibly be regarded as one of the most glorious moments of Wrest’s musical career, one in which is comprised of a vast musical repertoire like no other in black metal. Given the name 'Scar Sighted', LEVIATHAN’s fifth full-length album (amongst a repertoire that consists of numerous demos, compilations, EPs, and splits) is an album that comprises familiar moments culled from LEVIATHAN’s entire repertoire into one demented and twisted opus while standing as its own distinct entity within the LEVIATHAN oeuvre; 'Scar Sighted' being years in the making following the chaos, turbulence, and psychotic turmoil surrounding 2011’s controversial 'True Traitor True Whore' album. With 'Scar Sighted', LEVIATHAN continues more in the vein of the 'Massive Conspiracy Against All Life' masterpiece while other “lurkings” also run amongst the epic sound picture Wrest has painted with 'Scar Sighted'. Produced and engineered by Bill Anderson (Swans, Agalloch, Pallbearer, Red House Painters, Melvins) in Portland Oregon, Anderson in conspiracy with Wrest has helped to manifest the best, most crushing and dark sounding LEVIATHAN album to date likewise. Long-awaited vinyl re-press of the LEVIATHAN 'Scar Sighted' milestone release after being out of print for years. Comes in a 2xLP non-gatefold jacket with 11 11x11 two-sided art print inserts.