KHOST / GODFLESH 'Needles Into The Ground' LP Cover
KHOST / GODFLESH 'Needles Into The Ground' 12" LP Black vinyl
Cold Spring

KHOST / GODFLESH 'Needles Into The Ground'

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KHOST [Deconstructed And Reconstructed By] GODFLESH 'Needles Into The Ground' contains material by KHOST which has been elementally transformed by Justin Broadrick of Godflesh. The original KHOST material – taken from their second album 'Corrosive Shroud' – is dense, multifaceted and purgatorial with no straightforward ‘stems’ based approach. Broadrick has extracted what he needed for his work whilst in pure Godflesh mode. As a result, the outcome is claustrophobic and frenetic, the experience akin to being in the proximity of a large, unstable machine on the verge of meltdown. In addition to these pieces, KHOST has added a new track.