JARBOE 'Illusory' LP Cover
JARBOE 'Illusory' 12" LP Black vinyl
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JARBOE 'Illusory'

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JARBOE of course doesn't need an introduction. As a torche bearer for avant-garde music, the enigmatic JARBOE was an integral part of Swans for years. Since then she has been involved in many different projects, collaborating with Neurosis, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Jesu, and many more. 'Illusory' it's her 33rd solo album - is a truly engaging record, where the textures of the music interact with JARBOE's haunting vocals in a remarkable way. "'Illusory' is a Buddhist way regarding the illusion of the self/illusion of perception of reality," notes Jarboe, explaining the overarching themes of the record. The title track is brittle and beautiful, little more than piano, mellotron and her gorgeous voice. Her constant forward-thinking approach feels like traveling through uncharted territory, where her siren-like voice leads the way. Or perhaps, as the dark and brooding nature of the album captivates you, it will lead you astray.