INSECT ARK 'Future Fossils' EP Cover
INSECT ARK 'Future Fossils' 12" EP Clear w/ Black Blob vinyl
Consouling Sounds

INSECT ARK 'Future Fossils'

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INSECT ARK weaves pulsing, seething clouds of terrifying sound, leading listeners through twisted aural visions in total abandon. The band’s 9th release, 'Future Fossils' (Sept 2021, Consouling Sounds) are part of a revisitation to INSECT ARK founder Dana Schechter's solo work alongside the well-traveled version of the “Duo-band” which includes live drums ('The Vanishing', 2020, and 'Marrow Hymns', 2018, both on Profound Lore Records). Side A features 3 all-synthesizer compositions by Schechter: "Gypsum Blade" and "Oral Thrush", written and self-recorded in 2018 on the Buchla 200 Synth during a Guest Composer residency at EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, Sweden. "Anopsian Volta" was written and self-recorded in 2019 at Schechter’s Brooklyn home studio. The album’s B Side, "Gravitrons (Live Improv, Nov 16, 2016)", was performed at a converted church in Brooklyn NY, with Schechter on lap steel/synths, and former collaborator/drummer Ashley Spungin on synths/percussion. This performance was a one-off instance; the two musicians were not accustomed to improvisations together, normally performing in the “band” duo format of bass, lap steel, drums and synths. "Gravitrons (Live Improv, Nov 16, 2016)" was recorded shortly after Spungin joined the band the year before, and prior to their full-length recording together, 2018’s 'Marrow Hymns'.