IDLES 'Joy As An Act Of Resistance' LP Cover
IDLES 'Joy As An Act Of Resistance' 12" LP Black vinyl
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IDLES 'Joy As An Act Of Resistance'

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The Bristolians Joe Talbot, Mark Bowen, Lee Kiernan, Adam Devonshire and Jon Beavis crank up their weapons once more and power-drop a second long player. Space produces, Adam Greenspan and Nick Launay (Kate Bush/Arcade Fire) mixes. Bristol’s finest Kings of exquisitely noisy post-punk pick off pointed targets singing about nationalism, class warfare, sexist wankers (or toxic masculinity as they put it) and more. Rowdy tunes of hollering and gut-wrenching searing viscerality crowd the speakers for dancefloor decimating space. Building from an ominous growl to a full-on howl of exuberant explosively emotive power this is a full on tilt of finely honed and powerful anthems.