HIGH COMMAND 'Eclipse Of The Dual Moons' LP Cover
HIGH COMMAND 'Eclipse Of The Dual Moons' 12" LP Moon vinyl
Southern Lord

HIGH COMMAND 'Eclipse Of The Dual Moons'

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HIGH COMMAND returns with their second full-length album 'Eclipse Of The Dual Moons', arriving 25th November via Southern Lord and produced with Seth Manchester. Swords and metal go hand in hand. That’s what crossover thrash band HIGH COMMAND say, having turned heads with their debut album 'Beyond The Wall of Desolation' (2019). “Our love for the Bay Area in the 80’s is certainly no secret. Besides some of the more obvious influences we have I think we were much more comfortable exploring some of the less obvious stuff we hinted at with the first record. Particularly traditional heavy metal (Dio, Mercyful Fate) the south’s interpretation of the Bay Area (Exhorder, Obituary, Nasty Savage, Devastation, Rigor Mortis) first wave black metal (Bathory, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost). Of course all of this executed with the discharge, Cro Mags, Sacrilege DNA that runs through our veins”. But it’s not solely metal music which influences the band, who cite the lustful violence of Robert E. Howard, Michel Moorcock, Jack Vance and many other legendary pulp writers of the 20th century as an impetus for their expansive storytelling. Now, with their second album, 'Eclipse Of The Dual Moons', the band take their love of storytelling a step further, deepening and widening the world of Secartha, the realm of HIGH COMMAND’s songs. The band place themselves as omniscient narrators of the world they have created, and say that they are inseparable from Secartha and its people.