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HEADS. 'Push'

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'Push' from the Berlin HEADS. is the successor to the album 'Collider', which has been celebrated by fans and press alike: “As often as the record annoys you, you put it back on again. It is the dark, strange, unapproachable musical equivalent of Kafka's most exhausting fragment of the novel, 'The Castle'”, wrote the Intro Magazin and hit the mark. The trio from Berlin and Melbourne present their own fascinating mixture of noise rock, post-punk and alternative rock on 'Push', above which the voice of singer Ed Fraser rises. The patience-demanding, noisy heaviness of previous works matures here into a more complex composition of experimental and wild sounds. Radical - but catchy. The radius has expanded. So new musical motifs open up, cinematic and extremely dynamic. That knocks loudly on the door of 90s noise rock heroes like The Jesus Lizard or TAR, has the experimental elemental force of Lysistrata, the almost snubber coolness of Protomartyr, and the stoic power of newer post-punk dates. The album was produced in Berlin by Christoph Bartelt, Kadavar's drummer. Mix and mastering was done by Magnus Lindberg (Refused, Cult Of Luna). Swans Lap Steel guitarist Kristof Hahn, Matthias Feit von Radare, and Markus E. Lipka von Eisenvater appear as guest musicians.