HALSHUG 'Drøm' LP Cover
HALSHUG 'Drøm' 12" LP Black vinyl
Southern Lord


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Copenhagen, Denmark-based trio HALSHUG release their third studio full-length, 'Drøm', through Southern Lord Recordings. On 'Drøm', HALSHUG expands their sound from the dirge-driven d-beat of their earlier albums 'Sort Sind' (2016) and 'Blodets Bånd' (2015), and explores the dynamics of longer songs, more audible lyrics, and altered tempos, which result in different shades of industrial, dark-wave, and post-punk. 'Drøm' was recorded by Simon Sonne (Orm) in Copenhagen, mixed at Dead Air Studio in Western Massachusetts (The Men, Warthog), and mastered by Peter Peter (The Sods, Bleeder).