FURY 'Failed Entertainment' LP Cover
FURY 'Failed Entertainment' 12" LP Green Transparent vinyl
Run For Cover Records

FURY 'Failed Entertainment'

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Forming in 2014, FURY established themselves quickly, releasing both a demo on Washington, D.C.’s Mosher Delight Records and the 'Kingdom Come' EP on Boston’s Triple B Records in the same calendar year. They built on the melodic legacy of Orange County by way of heavy, rhythmic, start-stop guitars and Stith’s wordy and referential lyrics. Then, in 2016, came their debut LP on Triple B Records, 'Paramount', which was met with respect from the hardcore community and praise from outsider critics. Now, two New Year’s Eves later, FURY releases 'Failed Entertainment', their sophomore LP and debut with Boston-based Run For Cover Records. As with their previous records, 'Failed Entertainment' was recorded by Colin Knight and their own guitarist Madison Woodward at Paradise Records, in Anaheim. This time, though, the band also sought new surroundings and outside expertise, collaborating with engineer Andrew Oswald at Secret Bathroom Studios, as well as mixing engineer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Seaweed). The new batch of songs shows growth in all directions: the slow parts more brooding, the melodies catchier, the lyrics out even further on the limb. From the hammer-ons at the beginning of “Angels Over Berlin” to the tambourine on “Crazy Horses Run Free".