FU MANCHU 'Start The Machine' LP Cover
FU MANCHU 'Start The Machine' 12" LP Yellow Neon vinyl
FU MANCHU 'Start The Machine' 12" LP Green Neon / Black Splatter vinyl
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FU MANCHU 'Start The Machine'

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FU MANCHU’s 8th album, 'Start The Machine', was originally released on 14 September 2004. Until now, it is the only album from the legendary band that has never been issued on vinyl. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this classic, At The Dojo Records will remedy that with a newly remastered debut vinyl release. 'Start The Machine' features “Written In Stone,” “Hey” (as featured on the television series, Sons Of Anarchy) and crowd favorites “Make Them Believe” and “Today’s Too Soon.” This is the recording debut of drummer Scott Reeder, formerly of Smile.