FONTAINES D.C. 'Dogrel' LP Cover
FONTAINES D.C. 'Dogrel' 12" LP Black vinyl
Partisan Records


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Garage-pop melodies backed by agit-punk rhythm fronted by the powerful, insistent vocals of Dubliner Grian Chatten. Debut album from Dubliners FONTAINES D.C. - a band that feel like they’ve been around forever already - welcome to the world of Grian Chatten, Conor Deegan III, Carlos O’ Connell, Conor Curley and Tom Coll. A driving urgent sound like running downhill with the wind at your back - muscly strong songs full of melody and rhythm. Poetic flows of words drive home like rough-hewn nails - even on the mellower tracks the words hit home liek urgent messages wrapped around bricks.