DIVIDE AND DISSOLVE 'Systemic' 12" LP Green Mint vinyl


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DIVIDE AND DISSOLVE’s new album 'Systemic' examines the systems that intrinsically bind us and calls for a system that facilitates life for everyone. It’s a message that fits with the band’s core intention: to make music that honours their ancestors and Indigenous land, to oppose white supremacy, and to work towards a future of Black and Indigenous liberation. Like its predecessor 'Gas Lit', 'Systemic' was produced by Ruban Neilson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and is preceded by the lead single and video "Blood Quantum" which calls into question the violent process of verification of identity. You can feel the deep intention in DIVIDE AND DISSOLVE’s music. Their dense sound is overwhelmingly heavy; a dissonant pounding of percussion, guitars, piano, synths and saxophone, interwoven with passages of orchestral beauty that give a feeling of respite. In 'Systemic', DIVIDE AND DISSOLVE reflect deeply on the systems that perpetuate colonial violence. The album reflects on systems that facilitate a better future. “The album is a prayer to our ancestors,” Takiaya says. “A prayer for land to be given back to Indigenous people, and for future generations to be free from this cycle of violence.” 'Systemic' is a thick wash of sound, equal parts beauty and anguish and creates a wholly encompassing experience for even a casual listener.