DESERTA 'Every Moment, Everything You Need' LP Cover
DESERTA 'Every Moment, Everything You Need' 12" LP Cloudy Blue vinyl

DESERTA 'Every Moment, Everything You Need'

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For Matthew Doty, DESERTA has always been about exploring a sonic universe that allows him to express a kaleidoscope of emotions, without having to say much at all. Through a patchwork of reverb-tinged textures – drone guitars, lingering synths and driving percussion – the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist weaves together stories of care, frustration and catharsis that ultimately stretch to a gentle resolve. On new album 'Every Moment, Everything You Need', Doty chronicles the kind of year we all fear, full of uncertainty, tension and sustained pressure, and transforms it into a celebration of perseverance. It’s an essential reminder that we have the power to shape the stories we tell. While the vocals are more prominent than DESERTA’s previous albums, it’s their amalgamation with the instrumental aspects that secures 'Every Moment, Everything You Need' as DESERTA’s most confident and assured release to date. An affecting emotional candor teamed with persistent riffs and tenacious rhythms sees Doty unafraid to dive deeper; an unrestrained approach that ushers in a lustrous purging of agitation and anxiety. Showcasing those dark, exhaustive thoughts through crucial swells and looped, electronic soundscapes, it’s an LP that’s infinitely layered, with something new to discover with each and every enchanting listen.