Deftones 'Diamond Eyes' LP Cover
Deftones 'Diamond Eyes' 12" LP Black vinyl
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Deftones 'Diamond Eyes'

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'Diamond Eyes' is a powerful combination of muscular impact and expansive atmospherics that charts the band's ever-growing sonic range.

Their sixth full album, Deftones have become synonymous with grinding riffs married to unstoppable pop sensibilities. Lovers of their 'White Pony' era will be salivating at the epicness within, but there's also a new visceral energy about the band, with battering rhythms and the blowtorch howl of band leader Chino Moreno.

What's always set the band apart from the metal horde is their ability to have proper sing-a-long anthems which speak to the disaffected in all of us and the songs on 'Diamond Eyes' are no different!