DÄLEK 'Endangered Philosophies' LP Cover
DÄLEK 'Endangered Philosophies' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
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DÄLEK 'Endangered Philosophies'

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Before Def Jux, before Death Grips, before Yeezus, there was DÄLEK. Pioneers of alternative hip-hop, DÄLEK (pronounced "die-a-lek") features Rapper/Producer MC DÄLEK, producer/live electronics Mike Manteca, and Turntablist DJ rEk. With roots in the mid-'90s DIY scene, DÄLEK has been delivering groundbreaking albums for over 20 years. They have enraptured fans and critics across all genres, garnering fans and earning accolades from the hip-hop, electronic, indie, metal, shoegaze, jazz and experimental communities. In 2010, DÄLEK went on a five-year hiatus to recoup from a decade of relentless touring, and to focus on new musical projects. In January of 2015, MC DÄLEK said he "missed the noise," and a tour and new single quickly followed. 2016 saw the release of the critically acclaimed Asphalt for Eden, which Pitchfork declared: "hip hop ascends into the noosphere.” DÄLEK's sonic and lyrical evolution continues. 'Endangered Philosophies' is DÄLEK's signature sound pushed in new directions. Re-sculpted to say all that needs to be said today. It is no one element, but rather an amalgamation of the lyrics, sonics, drums, noise, melody, bass, and turntablism, explains MC DÄLEK of the new work. 'Endangered Philosophies' is a very introspective record about very external forces. This isn't about one listen... it's about your evolving perception when you immerse yourself in the layers of sound and words. 'Endangered Philosophies' is a record about the right now and yet will resonate differently each time it is listened to, in a word, timeless.