COMBO CHIMBITA 'IRE' 12" LP Black vinyl


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Continuing their mystical saga, NYC’s COMBO CHIMBITA roar back onto the global stage with their cathartic new album 'IRE'. The album's evocative title is forged upon double-edged meaning: on one hand embracing the divinely inspired blessings and prosperity foretold by our spiritual elders, and on the other a brazen, propulsive affirmation of revolutionary futures in the making. Afro-Caribbean transcendence, bewildering chants, booming drums and psychedelic distortion lay the rhythmic foundation for 'IRE'; a testament to the ever-expanding scope of COMBO CHIMBITA's sonic palette and their modes of resistance in realms both spiritual and terrestrial. 'IRE' finds its rallying spark in convulsive present-day realities by metabolizing the anxieties of systemic racism, capitalist decadence, totalitarian governments and the attempted erasure of queer and trans people. Early writing sessions in the summer of 2020 found COMBO CHIMBITA grappling with the limbo of the COVID-19 pandemic, while a firestorm of Black Lives Matter protests swept through streets around the globe. Months later, they flew to Puerto Rico to record and mix the LP, bearing witness to the suffocating complexities of the island's imperialist tether to the U.S.