CATE LE BON 'Crab Day' LP Cover
CATE LE BON 'Crab Day' 12" LP Green vinyl

CATE LE BON 'Crab Day'

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Reissue of CATE LE BON's 'Crab Day' from 2016. The material was recorded at Panoramic House studio, West Marin, California and produced by Noah Georgson and Josiah Steinbrickit. It's an ambitious piece of work. While the album has a post-punk angularity about it in places, it's post-punk as reimagined by Bagpuss creator Oliver Postage. Songs such as "Find Me" and "Yellow Blinds, Cream Shadows" have a charming home-made feel to their lopsided gearshifts, jerky movements and quirky surrealism. It's eccentric and off-kilter but pop in a perfect way a la Robert Wyatt and Gruff Rhys.