BOLT THROWER 'Realm Of Chaos' LP Cover
BOLT THROWER 'Realm Of Chaos' 12" LP Black vinyl

BOLT THROWER 'Realm Of Chaos'

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This is the legendary second album and Earache debut from BOLT THROWER. Originally released in 1989, 'Realm Of Chaos' cemented the band's position among the heaviest of the underground. Featuring 12 blistering tracks of the heaviest death metal – Coventry’s finest went on to have huge worldwide success after this critically acclaimed record. From the very earliest days of Earache Records, BBC National Radio's John Peel was a huge supporter of the Earache label and its extreme grind core bands. Peel first offered BOLT THROWER a session in 1988, and invited them back at the end of 1988 and again in 1990 to the hallowed Maida Vale studios that helped break the band to mainstream success.