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BIKINI KILL 'Reject All American'

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'Reject All American' is the final studio album by BIKINI KILL, originally released on April 5, 1996 by Kill Rock Stars. With three years since their last album, 'Pussy Whipped', and only a few 7-inch singles in the meantime, BIKINI KILL had loads of time to become a band that stands on its own merits. 'Reject All American', their 1996 sophomore release, reveals a refined punk band with increased clarity, verified competence and expanded range. While the band's heart still lies in the sneering brat punk of the Sex Pistols or X-Ray Spex - heard here on thrilling two-minute slices of attitude like "Capri Pants" and "Statement of Vindication" - the band also gives a go at airy alt-rock (bassist Kathi Wilcox's jangly False Start), classic new wave pop (the title track's Go-Go's chorus), and even drops a trumpet and xylophone into the mix. Still, it's Kathleen Hanna's words and vocals that have matured most and remain the band's primary strength. It's enough to make you proud: Just look at how our little grrrl has grown.