BATTLESCARS 'Battlescars' EP Cover
BATTLESCARS 'Battlescars' 7" EP Black vinyl
Raging Planet

BATTLESCARS 'Battlescars'

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Make way for the new D-beat threat in town. BATTLESCARS hails from Figueira da Foz, these four warriors are accustomed to the battlefield, having risen from the ashes of Portuguese crust punk legends Deskarga Etilika. They manage to merge the best of Swedish and Japanese hardcore and add an additional touch of NWOBHM, forging four anthems that will appease every D-beat metal punk worshipper in every sense (thumbs up for the brutal artwork that accompanies it). Think Wolfpack jamming NWOBHM tunes using G.I.S.M.'s backline. Crusties, get ready for war.