BAS ROTTEN 'Surge' LP Cover
BAS ROTTEN 'Surge' 12" LP Black vinyl
BAS ROTTEN 'Surge' 12" LP Clear Multicolored Splatter vinyl
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Portugal’s BAS ROTTEN invoke that special madness of the pit over and over again, throughout the whirlwind duration of their exhilarating debut album, 'Surge'. Grindcore, primal death metal, energized thrash, punk and hardcore charge as one and detonate in a white-hot eruption of adrenaline and emotion. From the wild, the electric fury of "The Blow" through the insane seizures of "Dissociation", the exhilarating force of "Violence" and shuddering, machine gun madness of "Follow", onwards at full pelt to the one-two knockout blows of "Thrive and Machine" there is no moment of respite, no time to take a breath until you finally collapse, shocked and broken, into the silence of the album’s end. BAS ROTTEN have been honing their skills on the stages of Europe since 2016, just getting faster, heavier and more dangerously deranged with each hi-octane show. Playing alongside the likes of Disturbance Project, Nashgul, The Arson Project and crust-punk legends Extinction Of Mankind has only pushed them to take things ever further into the realms of the extreme. Somehow they have captured every drop of blood and sweat, every screaming decibel of overdriven volume on Surge and the results are dangerous!