BARONESS 'Yellow & Green' LP Cover
BARONESS 'Yellow & Green' 2x12" LP Yellow Cloudy + Green Cloudy vinyl
Relapse Records

Baroness 'Yellow & Green'

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Baroness' 'Yellow & Green' finds a band that has developed into more than just giants of the metal underground, they are now fully formed hard rock titans. Fans of the band have come to expect nothing less than constant evolution from Baroness and that is precisely what the band has delivered, but in ways no one could have anticipated: the hooks are immediately seared into your brain, riffs that take just one listen to fully lodge themselves in your consciousness and vocals that are sung both heavily and beautifully.

Some songs are more delicate than Baroness ever hinted to before while others are straight up arena rockers—yet all along 'Yellow & Green' is unmistakably the Baroness that the world has come to love and look to for Record Of The Year quality rock and roll. It's not hard to imagine any one of the 18 songs that fill out the 'Yellow & Green' 2LP being rock radio anthems, and deservedly so. At no risk of hyperbole Baroness' 'Yellow & Green' is on a very short list as one of the new millennium's best rock records.