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ASPHYX 'Incoming Death' 12" LP Black
Century Media

ASPHYX 'Incoming Death'

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Dutch Doom Death Metal division ASPHYX released 'Incoming Death' via Century Media Records in 2016. 'Incoming Death' is the third ASPHYX album after their resurrection in 2007, contains 11 furious songs in the traditional death/doom style which they are known for so well. Only more unmerciful than ever! Lyrical themes include gore humor, death, doom, war, sci-fi, the varying trustworthy ASPHYX subjects, each fusing perfectly with the metal of the tracks. The album title already existed two or three years previous, being a phrase that doesn't really exist but refers to what entrenched soldiers cry out when under severe artillery fire. Thus 'Incoming Death' implies another relentless bombardment of monstrous ASPHYX death/doom metal!