AOSOTH 'IV: Arrow In Heart' LP Cover
AOSOTH 'IV: Arrow In Heart' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
Agonia Records

Aosoth 'IV: Arrow In Heart'

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Aosoth formed in 2002 as a side project of the French black metal act Antaeus. Eventually, Antaeus called it quits altogether, allowing the members of Aosoth to focus on their brand of blackened death metal. Focused, they have. With 'IV: Arrow In Heart', the band's fourth full-length album, Aosoth has unleashed an infectious and epic new animal.

The band comments: 'IV: Arrow In Heart' holds yet a bigger spiritual meaning: "We've spent such a huge amount of time on defining a darker identity, yet open to a wider range of influences. Those tracks still haunt us, as delivering them was a painful and excruciating experience, and left some of us even physically wounded... Which gives that album even more of a spiritual value, as it involved a form of sacrifice." The band also added: "This fourth full-length release is without a doubt a great step forward for us in terms of music writing and sound."