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AOSOTH 'Ashes Of Angels' 12" LP Black vinyl
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Aosoth 'Ashes Of Angels'

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Aosoth is the side project of MkM, a member of those nasty Frenchmen Antaeus, so at a minimum, you can with some certainly predict that it is going to be a scathing affair, whether it was his intention to make it that way or not; it is a genetic thing, not something you can turn on and off like a light switch.

In cahoots with project partner BST (ex-Aborted, Balrog), the lettered one has crafted a barbarous album of medium-sized durational appeal, one that can at the very least serve as a lesson in the art of the bestial and the disorderly. In a pecan shell, 'Ashes of Angels' balances blasts of razorblade shredding for Satan with steady-paced excursions into suffocating chord washes and corrosive tones. 

A representative example of the latter would be "Path of Twisted Light", which greets the listener with waves of dissonant menace after two album-opening Christ crushers called "Songs without Lungs" and the title track. Even then the song can't help but launch into a half-minute of speeding murder just to make certain you were still paying strict attention to Aosoth's perverse hymnal.