ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE 'Purifying Blade' 12" LP Eco Mix vinyl
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Antichrist Siege Machine 'Purifying Blade'

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Antichrist Siege Machine was formed in 2016 as an alliance between RZ and SB. Through extensive touring along the East Coast and multiple releases, Antichrist Siege Machine has solidified their place as a violent force to be reckoned with. Each effort has further developed the duo’s sound, enhancing the barbarity of previous releases.

The storm now approaches. Antichrist Siege Machine are prepared to release their new full-length LP 'Purifying Blade'. Sustaining the unhinged violence on display on 2020’s 'Filth Of The World' EP Antichrist Siege Machine rise victorious in the temple assaulted. Each track on 'Purifying Blade' a weapon wielded by wickedness and hatred directed at the heart of Christendom. Faces of black evil, shields hardened with the cracked ribs of the dead.

*NOTE: Eco-mix vinyl production uses leftover wax that's already in the factory, meaning each record is different and the colour is completely random. It’s more environmentally friendly as it’s using up material that would have otherwise been thrown away. Records may vary from beautiful blues, vibrant reds, glowing greens and everything in between. The vinyl picture is a mockup and every copy is unique.