AMENRA 'Live' LP Cover
AMENRA 'Live' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
Consouling Sounds

Amenra 'Live'

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Originally released in a series of split vinyl releases, this double LP collects live versions of tracks from the band's rich and engrossing back catalog that have been selected from various locations all over Europe.

Shows at Texas Necropolis - Athens (GR 07.03.09), Stadsschouwburg - Kortrijk (BE 23.10.09) and W2 - Den Bosch (NL 07.11.10), serve as memorable performances that are cataloged and preserved.

With this album you can experience the profound and deeply moving undertaking an Amenra show entails, in the (dis)comfort of your own space. The music has been mixed and partially mastered by Hein Devos and Billy Anderson to make sure the best aural quality will accompany you on your sonic journey.