AMBARCHI / O'MALLEY / DUNN 'Shade Themes From Kairos' LP Cover
AMBARCHI / O'MALLEY / DUNN 'Shade Themes From Kairos' 2x12" LP Black vinyl
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Ambarchi / O'Malley / Dunn 'Shade Themes From Kairos'

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In which guitar virtuosos Stephen O'Malley and Oren Ambarchi meet Earth's Randall Dunn to augment and expand upon their soundtrack for Belgian filmmaker Alexis Destoop's short feature, 'Kairos' - a meditation on the meaning of time as an opportune moment.

From initial sessions recorded in the broadcast room of an old radio station in Kortrijk, Belgium, using a vast array of guitars, drums, vibes, crotales, synth, mellotron, and Sruti box, among others, they later molded this morphing, chimeric beast - finding an apt parallel in the cannibalistic depictions of the artwork commissioned from Russian symbolist Denis Kostromitin - with extra recording and post-production performed at Dunn's now-defunct Aleph Studio in Seattle.

The results are gripping and hallucinatory, from the unfolding panorama of rolling, synthesized percussion and dilated guitar scapes in "That Space Between", along with the volatile churn and soaring mellotron trajectories of "Temporal, Eponymous", the cavernous electronic space, and Tor Deitrichson's tabla in "Circumstances of Faith" and the misty terrain of "Sometimes" starring Ai Aso's ghostly vocal, and the breathtaking drone expanse "Ebony Pagoda". Dream, dreamers, dream.