AARON TURNER & JON MUELLER 'Now That You've Found It' LP Cover
AARON TURNER & JON MUELLER 'Now That You've Found It' 12" LP Black vinyl
American Dreams Records

Aaron Turner & Jon Mueller 'Now That You've Found It'

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'Now That You've Found It', the first full-length album from Aaron Turner & Jon Mueller, is a delightfully weird foray that shows the pair of highly acclaimed musicians stretching out.

Past projects include Isis, Sumac, and a host of album art (Turner), plus Volcano Choir with Justin Vernon, Death Blues, Mind Over Mirrors, and last year's American Dreams-released 'Family Secret' (Mueller).

Turner released their first collaboration, 'In The Falls', on his SIGE label last year. Like that release, Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Caspian, Pelican) recorded, James Plotkin (Merzbow, Jack Rose, Oneohtrix Point Never) mixed and mastered, and Turner himself provided album art.