TY SEGALL 'Emotional Mugger' LP Cover
TY SEGALL 'Emotional Mugger'
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TY SEGALL 'Emotional Mugger'

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As usual, TY SEGALL has been keeping himself busy. In the past four months alone, the California garage-rock king has formed two new bands and released a ripping new album with his band Fuzz. But it's been over a year since his last solo LP, the glam-rock opus 'Manipulator', which means it's about time for a new one. 'Emotional Mugger' proves that TY SEGALL can do no wrong. This is electric blues that has been put through an experimental post-punk blender, laced with heavy doses of prog, punk, glam, psych, rock and metal. 'Emotional Mugger' is as funky as it is it is twisted - a heavy record that truly grooves.